Monday, August 28, 2017

Strep Throat

Back to school three days, and Sarah was diagnosed with strep. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the school year.

God give me strength.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Express Care

When I walked into the 2s room to get Seth from school today, I noticed his eye immediately. While he seemed completely unbothered by it, it was really red. I thought perhaps he got hit with a toy or bumped his face, but the teachers couldn't recall any such accident, and there was no scratch or bruise either.

I ended up running him to Express Care at Children's Hospital to rule out pink eye, and if there were any treatment options.

The doctor ruled out pink eye immediately. Seth's whites were white and his eyes weren't tearing or itcy. She thought maybe it was either a sty developing, or possibly allergies. I have heard him sneezing occasionally so maybe he is fighting allergies. She suggested I apply a warm compress occasionally and see how he's doing in the morning.

At least Seth is the only one of the three I have this week so while it wasn't in my plans to run him to the doctor, I didn't have to haul three kids with me.

Update: His eye looked 100% better the next morning. Guess we'll never know for sure what was going on.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Band Camp 2017

Sal left for band camp yesterday morning, and today I had the kids sit down and make him cards and drawings for the care package I plan to send later in the week. I'm also including a card from me, and sour patch kids, pistachios, and some breath mints. Nothing too fancy, but I know he'll love it.

Sarah, Emmy, and Seth worked hard on their cards, and Seth loved making art, as Sarah called it. She spent a lot of time working with him, perfecting his card.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Poconos, Day 1

We rented a house for two nights in the Poconos with Sal's family from Massachusetts.

We planned to arrive in the early evening, so on the way we stopped at the Army Heritage Museum in Carlisle. This was the the second time Sal and I were there, but the first time we were able to explore the indoor museum.

The kids really liked this place, but I was surprised by how interested Seth was. He got to see a helicopter, stand by a tank, sit in a jeep, and touch some of the exhibits inside.

It's well worth a stop, and plan to spend at least a couple hours. You won't see everything in that short amount of time, but you can hit the highlights and walk around the grounds.

The house we rented in the Poconos was in a housing plan, but so rural that our GPS choked. I don't even know how we eventually ended up finding it, one wrong turn after another. The rain didn't help either. We arrived later than expected, and it seemed like dinner was the first order of business.

We drove a half hour to the Pocono Brewing Company for dinner. Kim and I split a Bianca pizza which was amazing. With fresh mozzarella, basil, and oil, it was filling but not heavy. The kids each had pasta and I saw their meals come to the table, and when I looked back down the table at them, all of them had clean plates.

After dinner we went back to the house and pretty much just crashed. The house was 3200 sq ft and five bedrooms, so plenty big enough for the 11 of us. We put our kids in one bedroom, Konrad and Kobe in another, and then each set of adults had their own room. Sal's and mine was downstairs, which was nice too.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Strike up the Band

Emmy told me last year she wanted to learn to play a band instrument. Last May, she met with the elementary school band teachers and together they chose the flute. Today we went to Brighton Music and rented one for her. I let Sal do the talking, of course, he's the expert, and took this picture to document the beginning of her next adventure.

Her long term goals include becoming a majorette and going to Disney World with the high school band. She made me promise to go as a chaperone, and I wholeheartedly committed. Let's just hope she's that enthusiastic about me going when that day comes.

I plan to sign her up for baton when this season of Burchfield Dance is open for registration. Majorettes twirl, and she's starting a little older than some kids. No doubt though, that if anyone can get caught up, she will.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Family Get Together

My cousin is visiting from Germany with his girlfriend and their son so my aunt organized a family get together. I wish someone would have thought to get a group picture because who knows when we'll be together again, but someone snapped this picture of Sarah, Seth, and I on their back deck.

This was the first time we got to meet Tina, and I thought she was great. Leander, the baby, is just a little older than my nephew and totally adorable. He looks just like my cousin when he was a baby.

Such a fun day!