Sunday, October 16, 2016

20 Months!

To celebrate Seth's 20 month birthday we planned a big photo shoot on the North Shore.


Just Kidding.

We did have our Christmas picture session scheduled though. Seth was as uncooperative as I expected him to be. The girls behaved quite nicely. Our photographer has the patience of a saint. 

We won't receive images for a couple weeks yet, but we had a beautiful, nearly 80 degree day, and the perfect time of day. I saw previews on our photographer's camera, and I'm sure she captured some great shots and moments.

It really was Seth's 20 month birthday today though, and I'd like to highlight some of his milestones.
  • He's a really great workout buddy. He's learning how to march in place, move up and back, and kick along with my Leslie Sansone walking dvds.
  • He's a great eater. All three of my children are actually. He still resists yogurt, but I can usually get a couple bites into him which is progress. That's really the only food he questions.
  • He loves being outside. On rainy days, he'll stand at the door and cry. On nicer days he bangs on the door begging to go. "Walk? Walk!"
  • He still loves his lovey blankets, both a puppy and a red sox blankie, but he's graduating to larger stuffed animals as well. Daycare told me he always has one in his hands. He pops his thumb in and rubs his cheek with it.
  • His vocabulary is expanding. His speaking skills are far behind where Sarah and Emmy were at his age, but he's still well within the normal range, especially for a boy. Some recent words he's been saying are bup (cup), Emmy (for both Sarah and Emmy), and Mommy (until recently we have both been mama. Now I am "Mommy" and Sal is still "Mama."
  • He still naps up to 4 hours per day, despite being an awesome night time sleeper as well. This is a blessing because when he's awake, he's into everything.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Today we celebrated Emmy's birthday. My parents came down as well as my sister and nephew.

Rather than a cake, Emmy wanted brownies so we baked those first thing this morning. They were delicious. I didn't have any room on my phone for pictures, but my mom took a few on her iPad. That's a lot of smoke for only eight candles.

We also had sloppy joes and refried bean tacos. The tacos were Emmy's last minute request, and it was a good one because my sister isn't able to eat bread or rolls with this pregnancy so she put sloppy joes on a tortilla. I had strange food issues when I was pregnant too so we don't question such things, we just roll with it :-)

My mom made macaroni salad and buffalo chicken dip too. I think she enjoys that aspect of birthday parties, thankfully.

Emmy said she had a great birthday so I'm glad she was happy. I can't wait to see what this new year brings for her. Exciting times ahead, no doubt.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Number 8

Happy EIGHTH birthday, Emmy.

Maybe it's because Emmy acts (most of the time) older than she is (although not inappropriately), but it's surprising to me that she's *only* eight. For some reason's her birthday doesn't shock me the way Sarah and Seth's seem to.

Her school doesn't allow edible treats, but the kids did sing happy birthday to her. She also picked Eat N Park for her birthday dinner. Sal and I gave her a flip top water bottle that she'd been wanting as well as a "handstand t-shirt." She was a happy birthday girl.

She was hoping to get Seth in this picture with her, but he wanted no parts of that. However, it's important to get a picture of the birthday girl, so here she is.

She's wearing her "Burchfield Dance" shirt. She takes tumbling on Wednesday evenings, and loves it. Sometime last year she set her mind to doing gymnastics and finally had an opportunity this year. She can do a perfect handstand and hold it for several seconds. Her cartwheels are hugely improved, and she loves doing round-offs. She's working on her splits and straddles, and can do a back bend as long as someone's hand is underneath her as a guide. There will be a performance in May so we can see how much she's learned. I can't wait.

Aside from gymnastics, she loves her little brother, all things pink, and gym class. I love watching her become who God intended her to be. She's an amazing little girl.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Not a Good Day

Normally our mornings run like a well-oiled machine. We have a routine and while there may be some slight variation, things stay on course.

NOT. today.

It was picture day for Sarah and the outfit we had chosen, but not tried on, just wasn't working for her. We dug through her closet to find an alternative. Then she wanted me to style her hair. She just doesn't understand her hair looks best when it's just left alone. It lays nicely and frames her face.

We finally made it downstairs, and with no time to eat breakfast, she grabbed a package of muffins only to leave them on the counter as she ran out the door to meet her bus, which she almost missed.

I hadn't made Seth's lunch the night before, a big mistake, and opened the refrigerator only to realize there was no leftover spaghetti from last night. Scrambling for a back-up plan, I sent the mac and cheese that Sarah couldn't fit into her thermos. I didn't even know if he liked it. Emmy told me she'd finish packing his lunch so I could shower. I ran upstairs at 7:36, we are normally in the car by 7:45 or so.

By the time I got everything together and everyone in the car it was after 8am. Emmy's bus is scheduled to arrive at 8:11, but has been showing up a couple minutes earlier. Fortunately we live 5 minutes from daycare where she catches the bus. Both the bus and I pulled up at the same time and she flew out of the car and across the grass to meet it.

I texted Sal and said what a crazy morning it was, but it could have been worse. Someone could have thrown up. I shouldn't have said that.

At 3pm my phone rang. It was Shana from daycare saying Seth had just vomited everywhere. She told me I didn't need to rush, but she did me to come get him. I left work immediately and grabbed Sarah off the playground. Then we went in to get Seth. Shana told me he had gotten sick two more times. He was so pale too.

Not knowing what I was facing, I texted Sal to see if he could come home rather than attend a late practice for varsity band show. With Seth being sick, and the girls having homework, I just knew it was time to call for reinforcement. As it turned out Seth took an hour-long nap, vomited a little upon waking, and then wanted to eat PIZZA. Instead I gave him crackers and gatorade and he kept it down.  By 6:30 he seemed like himself 100%. We put him in bed at 8:30 and he was fine all night. I don't know if he had a short-lived bug, or if something he ate for lunch didn't agree with him, but it was the easiest virus I've ever had to deal with, and I'm very thankful for that.

Sal was happy to be home and we ended up having a good evening.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ladies Who Lunch

A friend of mine from our St. Ursula days invited several of us over to her house for lunch today. I don't typically leave the house when I work from home, but I made an exception for this get together. Stephanie is one of the best cooks, and let's face it, homemakers, I know. This was not an invitation to turn down.

Seth and I arrived just before noon and were the first to arrive. We raided the toy room and found a few things for him to play with. Eventually the other guests arrived and we enjoyed butternut squash soup garnished with a star anise, turkey sliders, home made mac and cheese, a salad, and cookies. It was all so delicious.

While I felt supremely guilty going out for lunch on a work-at-home day, it was good to see these ladies again.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Picture Day, Emmy

Emmy wanted curls for school picture day. Already by the time we got to daycare to drop Seth off, and for her to get the bus, the curls were falling out. Grrrr. But, isn't she adorable!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I spent the weekend at my parents, and came home Sunday to soupy ice cream and a puddles where there once had been ice cubes. I'd been cursing our refrigerator and praying for it to die, but perhaps I should have asked for it to happen at a more convenient time LOL

At any rate, I went out Monday morning and did some shopping. I knew I wanted a top freezer model, and with the space we have designated in our kitchen for the refrigerator this was really our only option. Refrigerators keep getting bigger, and our kitchen isn't brand new.

I was so happy to see the side-by-side leave our house, that I hugged its replacement. Really.

We would like to redesign our kitchen in a few years and the plan is to put this refrigerator in the garage or laundry room at that time.