Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rough Night

I think I maybe got 1.5 hours of sleep last night. There is just a lot that's weighing heavy on my mind.

For me the worst part of having a bad night, is the next day. All the little things in life that each of us have to deal with day-to-day feel like very big things. It's hard to keep a fresh, positive perspective. I re-live the regrets and ponder the what-ifs, and for what? Like everyone else, I have questions for which there are no answers.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sad News

We knew one of my parents' friends was terminally ill, but I got a call today that I didn't want. He passed away this morning. Not even 60 years old; much too young.

As a kid I adored his wife. She always seemed young to me, and she was fun. And Greek. Which meant the food and desserts were fantastic. So many wonderful memories.

My dad and Craig were especially close. I imagine he will feel this loss for a very long time.

There are simply too many memories and thoughts swirling around to say much more than this right now.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Project Complete

The living room is painted. Finally.

I've only been talking about finishing that project for a couple months now.

I also cleaned the cold air return that's hidden behind a couch. Check it out. Gross! And actually, from this angle it doesn't look as bad as it really was. I can assure you, it no longer looks like that.

Knowing that we're having guests over on Thanksgiving forced me to get it done. I had one short wall to paint in order to finish the room, and I'm pleased to say it looks good. I need to figure out what to hang on the wall, but for now I'm just happy that's done.

I also baked pumpkin rolls. I had grand ideas of baking about four of them, but settled for two. It was a lot harder on my back than I expected. All that standing to bake and to wash dishes. I'm sure the pain will be worth it though on Thanksgiving morning. That's right. I start off the holiday with pumpkin rolls for breakfast.

By the way, that's a Pampered Chef cooling rack, and it is by the far the sturdiest cooling rack I've ever owned. That was a great purchase.

I also got some laundry done and general picking up around the house. I'm hoping the girls and Sal can help me with the rest. I so love this time of year.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Restoration I

This dry sink has been in Sal's family for years. He and his uncle believe it belonged to his great-grandparents. I admit, considering its condition, I was ready to toss it to the curb and tried to get Sal on board with that plan. He would have no parts of it.

So, I explained to him that we have a small-ish house we can't just hang onto things just because. I proposed having it restored. I wasn't sure what someone would be able to do with it, but I figured anything would be an improvement. In the back of my mind I was also thinking it might make a nice baby changing table.

Sal was hesitant, but I forced the issue and emailed these pictures and requested restoration quotes from several companies.

The writing and arrows on the "Before" pictures were my notes to the restoration people because the pictures alone didn't capture all the work that would need done.

One person / company stood out, Peck's Furniture Restoration. The price was right, and Craig passed my phone / email interviews. In August, he came and picked up the dry sink, along with a rocking chair. He dropped off the restored dry sink this weekend.

I was confident he would do a nice job and that we'd be really happy with it, but I didn't expect it to be so amazing! I know my expectations were exceeded, and based on the review Sal posted on Facebook, I'd say his were too. He even said his mom would be proud. I'm pretty sure this won me "Wife of the Year."

The top piece was cracked and split down the center, but Craig replaced it with century old oak to fit the period of the sink. Now that's attention to detail. I also love the black hardware. It looks so sharp.

The doors fully close and have a working latch now too. It's restored to perfection.

What Sal hadn't realized was that his mom painted and then glossed the piece to make it look like it had been stained. Craig sanded that finish off, and underneath he found white paint. He also removed that and took it down to the bare wood which he then stained. It's better than new.

We spent $400 on this piece, and while it may seem like a lot, keep in mind it was totally unusable and just wasting space in its prior condition. Now, we have a beautiful, usable, family heirloom that should last a long, long time. Just wait until you see it in Baby C's nursery.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


I've been looking for a rug for the baby's room. Knowing how kids are, I didn't want to spend a lot of money so that presented a challenge. Area rugs don't come cheap. However, I found this one on sale, and I love the polka dots to coordinate with the striped walls. I hope the yellows work together, rather than clash.

If I don't like it, there are free returns for 30 days, so it was a no-risk purchase.

The room is finally coming together.

I also heard from the person who repaired and restored our dry sink. It should be delivered this weekend. I can't wait to see it, and get it stocked with goodies.

I met with the upholstery lady last night and didn't find any fabric in her store that I liked, but she suggested checking out JoAnn Fabrics and gave me some hints on choosing a fabric.

After an hour of browsing, this is what I found. It wasn't my first choice because it's so plain, but the chair won't stay in the baby's room forever so versatility is important. There are tiny yellow flowers at each of the points. A throw pillow should tie everything together nicely.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 26

I just found out that I passed the three hour glucose tolerance test that I took at Quest yesterday. I had failed the one hour by ten points earlier in the month, but the nurse said all four of my numbers looked really good and that I am not a gestational diabetic.

Hello stuffing and pumpkin rolls!

The test gave me a headache, and I slept for about four hours afterward, but all in all it wasn't a bad experience. The Quest on McKnight has a private room with recliners and a television, although I had taken a book to read.

At any rate, that's another milestone behind me.

So, what's happening at 26 weeks? According to pregnancycorner.com:

Symptoms and Body Changes at 26 Weeks

By now you’ll be experiencing more frequent Braxton Hicks contractions which feel like menstrual cramps, and you’ll frequently feel the need to use the restroom and the need to lie down. Many women begin to experience pain under their ribs as the baby kicks and stretches inside the uterus. Try changing positions to relieve the pain. You may also feel more back pain due to your increased weight — you should have gained about 20–23 pounds by this point. Try to avoid weighing yourself daily or more than once a day, as your weight will fluctuate due to water retention.

Baby's Development

Your baby is growing quite gradually at this point, weighing about two pounds and close to 14 inches in length. During the twenty-sixth week your baby’s eyelids (which have been sealed shut until now) begin to open and blink on their own. The eyes are blue, but this will often change after birth. The development of your baby’s eyes is almost complete, and although he or she still seems very lean, fat is definitely building underneath the skin and will continue to do so until birth. The fetal heart is pumping blood, the lungs are developing blood vessels, and the circulatory system is fully functional. The umbilical cord continues to grow stronger and thicker and provides your baby with all essential nutrients. If you are having a boy, the testicles will move into the scrotum during this week.

About these Braxton Hicks contractions. . .I've never felt them, at least not that I know of, in any of my pregnancies. At my last ultrasound the technician told me she could see me contracting, but I didn't feel anything.

I'm carrying very low so I haven't felt kicking up in my ribs, but I do notice it sometimes against my pelvic bone. It feels weird, but not painful. It kind of makes me giggle. I don't know where the baby thinks s/he is going to move that bone.

Sal's playing drum set for Steubenville High School's musical, and I plan to attend a performance this weekend. He's had practice every night this week. I also need to get some pumpkin rolls baked. I want to make a couple for Thanksgiving, and a few for the neighbors too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby Gear

After a lot of research and debate, I ordered this car seat, the Britax B-Safe.

All carseats are built to the same safety standards, but I liked that this one is lightweight. That's a big deal to me with my back/hip issues. This also has a 30lb weight capacity. Some carriers only go up to 22lbs, and both of my children were over 22lbs before their first birthday.

I also like that it's easy to install in a variety of vehicles. Some car seats are a real pain in the butt in this department.

The Britax B-Safe car seat also gets great reviews from parents, both online and in person.

It retails for around $180, but I found it on sale on both Amazon and Target for $121. I also ordered an extra pass.

Runner-up was the Chicco Keyfit 30. That one also gets very high ratings, but the weight of the car seat itself was the biggest turn-off for me. It was also significantly more expensive.