Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oh What a Night

And I'm not talking about that one back in late December 1963. Oh no. I'm talking about last night.

I put the girls in bed at their usual time, 8:15, and we listened to them giggling and talking quietly for about 30 minutes. Occasionally, I would pop into their room and remind them that they needed to get quiet since morning comes quickly.

By 9pm my patience was wearing thin. I had started hearing thumping, but couldn't catch whomever in the act and one blamed the other. Shortly thereafter I got in the shower. Normally that will put them to sleep since they know it's pointless to fight for attention because I can't hear them.

Well, things hadn't improved.

I told them one more time to quiet down and I went downstairs. I heard repetitive thumping, so I stomped upstairs, flipped on their light, told Sarah to get out of bed (she had her head hanging off the bed and her feet propped up on the wall), pulled her mattress of the bed, and asked Sal to come upstairs (since I can't move a mattress in my current condition). He came up immediately and we relocated Sarah to spare bedroom.

Sarah started crying silent tears, but Emmy flipped out. Sarah is her security blanket and she wasn't happy to be sleeping in her room by herself. I went back downstairs. Sal gave Emmy a nice little talking to, and she screamed and cried through it all. She wanted her mommy. She needed a hug from her mommy. She carried her downstairs to me. I gave her a final hug, and he took her back up with her screaming that she needed more hugs. He told her, "We are not communicating effectively." That made me giggle.

He also told her, "You had plenty of Mommy time prior to bedtime (she and I were hanging out in my room together while Sal and Sarah watched a couple Looney Toons), and it was time to sleep."

Finally I yelled up the stairs to her and said that if she was quiet for 10 minutes I would come back up to tuck her in. She was out in less than 5.

Whew. We haven't had a night like that in a couple years. I'm so glad we decided to add a third to chaos.

Monday, September 29, 2014

My Biggest Complaint

And so it goes. . .

I had terrible heartburn when I was pregnant with Sarah, but I figured out the triggers and kept Tums on hand. I did a pretty good job avoiding the worst, until the very end at least.

With Emmy it started much earlier. Everything caused it and nothing made it go away, short of simply not eating.

I've been praying this pregnancy that I either won't get it throughout this pregnancy. However, this morning I was drinking my usual cup of water at my desk, and sure enough, I felt it. I'm hoping it was just a fluke, but it did make me gun-shy about getting water with my lunch so I had Snapple instead.

Time will tell, but I was hoping to make it to at least 20 weeks without experiencing it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Choir and Handbells

Today St. Ursula Parish celebrated Joyce Carney's 50 years of service to the church with a special Mass.

Both girls sang with the children's choir, and Sarah played the hand bells. Mr. Brewer kept their performance simple, but the kids did a really nice job, especially well considering they've only been practicing for two weeks.

I wasn't able to take pictures because that wouldn't have been appropriate, but trust me when I say, they loved it and they looked adorable.

I love that Sarah is off and running with the Arts, and Emmy is trying it out as well.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Swim Class, Week 2

I only took one picture this week. I posted a few pictures from their first class, and this week's class was pretty much the same. Emmy was close to where we were sitting so this didn't turn out too badly.

I asked Emmy how she liked swim class and got a more positive response this time. She seemed to trust the instructors a little bit more as well.

Sarah loves swim class so there's no problem as far as she's concerned.

Friday, September 26, 2014

So, about this baby thing

I know I'm going to have a baby. I've done this twice before. But, wouldn't you know, it still seems like an abstract concept in some ways. So what if I feel the baby move from time-to-time. Does that mean it's actually real?

I am expanding, time is marching on, and somewhere in the back of my mind I know I should be planning, or at least thinking, ahead.

But, I'm not. Not really.

We've started getting the nursery ready. But, that's pretty much where it ends.

Have I made a list of things we'll need within the first few days of being home from the hospital? No. Have I thought about what I'll need to take to the hospital? No.

Of course we have time; we also have two other children, so really no, we don't have time. Ever.

Today I decided it was time to buy a diaper bag. Out of the blue, it was time.

I got online and looked at all the usual suspects. Based on previous experiences, I know a thing or two about diaper bags.

Mine has to be functional AND cute. After all, this will be my purse for the next 2.5 years.

(Please Lord, let this child potty train early and easily).

When I somehow manage to leave the house childless, not everyone needs to know I'm a mom just by looking at my handbag.

A separate, washable changing pad is a must. It should be roomy and also have lots of pockets inside and out.

I plan to breastfeed so insulated pockets are not necessary. Besides, my breast pump will come with a thermal bag and ice pack should the need ever arise.

So, with all this criteria in mind, I found a shop called BagEnvy on Etsy.

(If you've never been on etsy, approach cautiously as it's highly addictive in nature.)

At any rate, this seller's diaper bags are cute, functional, and customizable. I will post a full review, with pictures, once I receive the bag. For now, you can check out her shop on your own, https://www.etsy.com/shop/BagEnvy?ref=l2-shopheader-name

I chose a large "Monterey" diaper bag in a solid charcoal gray fabric (as shown) and upgraded from a snap to a zip closure, added zippered pockets inside and out, and asked her to include stroller straps. This will keep the "catch-all" space beneath the stroller seat free for other items, and keep the bag within arms reach.

I've asked for her input on the lining. I want something bold, we have met, right? But I also want something that will disguise inevitable staining. While I like the bag as shown, it's just not me. We'll see what the seller says.

Honestly, I shouldn't be this excited about a diaper bag, but as they say, it's the little things.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Laugh or Cry

This is a sign located outside my building today.

Should I laugh or cry? Are we temporary associates or is this sign marking a temporary entrance?

I read the sign as I walked by and sort of giggled. Then I turned around to get a picture.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Fall, Ya'll

I have this rule about not decorating for Halloween until October 1. Thirty-one days of looking at the same decorations for my least favorite holiday is plenty. However, we live in a neighborhood that loves all holidays so to keep up with the Joneses (on some level), I broke and put up some decorations.

Let's start with a basic fall picture though. Mums! Now mums I like. And, when the marigolds and petunias that I had in these little pots croaked a couple weeks ago for inexplicable reasons, I replaced them right away.

I don't know why they look so pink in this picture because in real life they're a pretty lavendar.

I bought this wreath on etsy.com last year and added the checked fabric both behind the spider and for the hanger.

I wish we had a solid front door. That window might be nice for a little light, but it makes wreath hanging a bit awkward.

The wreath is yarn wrapped and the spider is cut from a thick piece of felt. Now that I think about it, I should put a red hourglass on its back.

And finally, this year's addition. This little ghost's face spoke to me at Michael's, and I had a coupon. He was a cheap little bugger, but oh so cute. How happy does he look hanging out in the garden, and surrounded by marigolds too?

Well, there you have it, our outdoor decorations. Maybe I'll stroll through our neighborhood and take a few pictures. Some houses are really decked out.

I'll decorate the inside of our house October 1 or later.