Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week 30

I feel like I've dropped, and others have since pointed it out. I didn't know you could drop this early, but I guess anything's possible. I need to read up on this because I really do need to make it to at least the middle of February with this pregnancy.

My blood pressure was 120/70 at my doctor's appointment last week. It doesn't seem high, but it still made me nervous because I had undiagnosed preeclampsia in the past, but also because normal for me is typically 110 or 112, never higher than 117.

Anyway, I asked our company nurse to take it yesterday just so I could see where I was and it was 120/68. Since it's virtually the same as last week's reading, I'm going to assume everything's okay. The nurse reassured me that it is.

Sal and I are looking forward to the hospital tour on Saturday. I thought maybe it would ease his mind, and I know I can use a refresher. I imagine there have been a few changes in the last six years since Emmy was born.

I also signed us up for a Baby Basics class in February. Maybe I'll deliver beforehand, which is okay the nurses will give us plenty of help in the hospital, but it's something we can do to prepare.

With Emmy I knew I wouldn't go into labor on my own and had to qualms about waiting until three days before her due date to schedule the c-section. I've had a nagging feeling for a little while now that this baby will come when s/he is ready, which means early.

Maybe it's fear on my part because I really don't have a contingency plan for the girls, as in who would take care of them if I go into labor in the middle of the night while they're with us etc, but I just can't shake the feeling. Time will tell, I suppose.

My tummy has been bouncing around like crazy lately and morphing into all kinds of crazy shapes. Last night I watched an arm or leg slide across right under my belly button. It's amazing and weird at the same time. There's a little person in there that we're going to be meeting very soon. Within 9 weeks, Sal and I will be new parents. It's overwhelming and exciting.

Baby Development
Your baby would have quite a wrinkled appearance if you could see it. But as the fat tissue builds, the wrinkles in your baby’s skin will start to smooth out. Fine hair called lanugo still covers your baby’s body, and will remain there until birth. At about 17 inches and weighing around four pounds, your baby is practicing breathing on its own by repeatedly moving its diaphragm in preparation for life outside the womb. Because of this practicing, you may feel flutters within your uterus when your baby has the hiccups. The baby is also getting into his or her own sleeping and waking routine, and becoming more active while awake. Your baby has grown so much that it takes up almost the entire uterine cavity. As the brain continues to mature, it begins to train the eyes, muscles, and lungs to function on their own. The digestive tract is fully functional at this thirtieth week, as your baby continues to take nutrients from you and process them.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mama's New Bag

My diaper bag has arrived!! I love it even more in person. It has a million pockets, some with zippers, and it's deep. It's everything I wanted / need. I love the fabrics I chose too.

Since it's a little hard to see, the outside is a dark gray / charcoal, and the inside is the pretty paisley print. I should spray it with ScotchGuard, and may talk to the woman who's reupholstering our rocking chair about that.

Just a reminder - this was purchased from Etsy seller "BagEnvy." There was a slight mix-up in shipping, but she fixed it right away and issued a small credit for the inconvenience. That works for me.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 29

It wasn't that many weeks ago that I was clicking ahead on the pregnancycorner website, and dreaming of being 29 weeks along. Here I am.

Baby's Development:
During the twenty-ninth week, your baby’s kicks and punches may be so hard that they take your breath away, and they may cause severe pain. The movements and kicks are happening frequently at this point, which are goods signs that the baby is doing well.  Sometimes these kicks and movements can cause rib pain, pelvic pain, and unintentional loss of urine. This high activity does not usually last throughout the pregnancy and will become less frequent as the baby grows and has more limited space to move around.
Your baby is continuing to grow, weighing close to three pounds and stretching to over a foot long. You may notice that this growth is causing increased hunger, as your baby uses most of the nutrients you consume to grow more. You may feel like you need to eat again after a meal, but fight this temptation and trust that your baby is receiving all the nutrients it needs. Rapid brain development began last week and continues this week. The muscles and lungs continue to mature, and hearing has improved greatly.
Well, I'm definitely feeling more kicks and punches. Sal and I are able to watch my tummy bounce around too. At times s/he is as quiet as a church mouse. Other times, it feels like there's a party for one going on in there.
Lately Sal's been asking me a lot of questions about the c-section experience. I suggested we take a tour of the hospital because he IS worrying unnecessarily. It'll be a good refresher for me too. I need to look into that.
I think any more progress on the baby's room will have to wait until after Christmas because that space has become storage for boxes of Christmas decorations and supplies. I am hoping to order the stroller soon though.
We've also been discussing how we'll get Sarah and Emmy to school, if I deliver on my week of custody and all of the logistics involved. We have solutions for a variety of scenarios, but we really need to know my delivery date before getting too crazy about it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Great News

This was my first appointment with my doctor since my follow-up ultrasound right before Thanksgiving.

We received great news at that ultrasound - the placenta had moved so only the tip is near the cervix. I couldn't wait to hear what my doctor had to say.

Dr. Badway was so pleased, and told me that he won't plan on delivering until 39 weeks. That's anywhere from February 18 to February 25. As long as nothing else pops up, I'll have a full-term baby. Happy dance.

My blood pressure was slightly elevated, 120/70, but no one seems concerned. I plan to have the nurse at work take my BP every few days, just to monitor it. I had preeclampsia once (with Sarah).  I do not want it again, or at least I don't want it to go undiagnosed if I do have it.

I rarely think to ask the baby's heart rate at these appointments, but I remembered today. It's right around 130, well within the normal range, but far below where the girls' ever were. I'm calling boy.

I've never had to dress a boy, and from what I've seen, this will be fun. Lots of bow ties and suspenders. Fortunately, my husband is preppy enough to appreciate such frivolity.

I have another appointment in 2 weeks, although Dr. Badway will be on vacation. It'll just be a standard bp and weight check appointment, and I'm months away from delivering so I'm fine with seeing someone else.

My next ultrasound will be at 34 weeks, sometime in mid-January.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Special Day

Two years ago, Sal made the best decision of his life by proposing to me. Then I made the best decision of mine by saying yes.

I can't believe it's only been two years. It feels like we've been together forever, in all the right ways.