Sunday, April 22, 2018

Band Banquet

Today was the Steubenville High School spring concert and band banquet. The high school principal took this picture prior to dinner.

Other years the performance was one evening and the banquet another. I thought combining the two into one late Sunday afternoon was perfect.

We are sitting with assistant band director Rick Hicks, his wife, Linda, and their granddaughter Cali.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Travel Planning

I sent Sal this picture and he asked me if I was done planning yet.

My response was, "am I ever really done?" It's a valid question.

These papers, along with multiple travel guides and brochures will be safely tucked into my carry-on and toted around with us for the duration of our vacation, like that little rhyme?

We have a list of "must-have" places to visit, and a list of "if we have time" places. Traveling with kids, and in a larger group, adds more time. Meals take longer, there are more potty breaks required, etc.

Over Easter my brother asked about traveling with us, and those plans are a go. He was able to switch his reserve weekend with the Coast Guard, and he booked the necessary hotel reservations. A few nights he'll be able to stay with us, but in some cases there wasn't a way to add him. Truthfully, I think he'll be glad to have his own space occasionally, and if not, I'll be more than happy to take his room or cabin and he can stay with the kids.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Beautiful Weekend

Our beautiful weekend weather started on Friday, and I was fortunate enough to be working from home. We hit temps well into the 80s and it was sunny.

Saturday was just as nice, and Emmy had her first soccer game at 11:30. Her team, The Warriors, won by a score of 6-3 so that was exciting. Seth surprised me by not trying to run onto the field. He seemed to understand that he had to watch from sidelines, but Emmy did come over to where we were sitting a couple times.

None of the action was close to where we were sitting, but I snapped a picture anywhere. I put an arrow over Emmy's head so it's easier to find her :-)

Today was slightly cooler and not as sunny, but the rain held off until evening.

They're calling for snow on Tuesday again, but we certainly made the most of our weekend. It was impossible to keep the kids inside, and I wouldn't have wanted to anyway.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

New Glasses

Seth's new glasses came in, and we picked them up yesterday. I was concerned he wouldn't leave them on, but that hasn't been an issue. That tells me the glasses are helping.

On the short drive home I noticed, in the rear view mirror, that he was really studying his hands, turning them this way and that and turning the over. Since he can't focus on close objects, I'm sure his hands have appeared quite blurry to him. I also see him sliding his glasses down his nose and peering out over the top at an object, and then pushing them up and looking at that same object.

These are the situations I force myself to think about when I start to feel sad or get a twinge about his needing glasses in the first place. They are helping him, and that is what's important. Still, I pray so hard that his eyes have improved when we return to the doctor in June.

I wasn't thrilled with these particular frames, but let the office talk me into them because they are supposedly indestructible. They're not bad though. In fact, I think he looks super cute, as does Emmy in hers.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Basement Update

Our basement is done.

Well, sort of.

I previously posted the status of this project here. Over the last couple of days, the ceiling, puck lights, drywall, and doors were installed.

We chose a light gray paint for the walls, and we hired a painter an interior designer friend of mine recommended for this. For only $160 Vince primed and painted the walls, as well as, the drywall portion of the ceiling. We would hire him again in an instant.

Sal and I still need to choose a material for the floor, and the trim will need to be installed both around the floor and around around the windows. We plan to save the money for these last steps this summer and tackle it next winter.

Behind the double doors, top left, is a large closet for storage. Our attic access is terrible so we plan to store things like luggage and drum cases here. We use those things frequently enough that putting them in the attic and taking them out again becomes a chore. This is easy.

Behind the single door, bottom left, is the utility room. It contains the hot water heater, the water main, furnace, and electrical panel. Sal also has copious amounts of boxes of just "stuff" in there. The bulkhead, top right, enclosed the duct work.

Seth was so excited to hear the basement is "finished" and immediately requested the drums be set up. 

Lux Contracting was a great choice for this project. They will be our go-to contractors from here on out.

Monday, April 9, 2018

I've Given Up

This is the never-ending winter. It's snowed nearly every day this month and the temperatures are freezing. We haven't even had any teaser, warm temp days since February.

All I want to do is go to sleep and wake up when it's warm. It's been too cold for too long, and I am over it.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Solo and Ensemble

Taking kids to contest may be Sal's favorite part about being a teacher. Here he is with his 8th graders at Solo and Ensemble. Doesn't he look like such a teacher.

While he was away for the day, Seth and I just hung out at home.