Friday, September 19, 2014

Safety Sarah

All this week the kids at St. Ursula's have been talking about using sidewalks, walking to the building, looking both ways when they cross the street, etc. Parents have also been made aware of proper drop-off/pick-up zones and procedures.

Today the kids took a safety survey at recess, and one of the moms caught Sarah with a couple of her classmates.

I'd also like to point out that Sarah is a better kid than I was at her age - her jacket is not only on, but zipped.

I love these little sneak peeks into "the littles" lives when I'm not around.

This evening is the school families' marshmallow roast, complete with hot chocolate, bonfires and a dj. We had a great time last year and can't wait for 7pm. It may be difficult to get pictures given the darkness, but I'll do my best.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

17 on the 17th has been my go-to website this pregnancy. This is a picture next to week 17. According to my What to Expect When You're Expecting app, the baby is the size of a turnip.

Pretty amazing.

Don't you just want to squeeze and love on that baby? Look how sweet.

I have felt some movement; tiny tickly bubbles in the first trimester, rolls starting around week 14, and I felt two kicks at 16 weeks. This pregnancy is a little different to me because once the girls started moving around they pretty much moved all the time. I don't feel this baby as frequently or even as strongly as I feel like I should, but my doctor assured me everything is normal.

Up to this point, I've been really focused on being pregnant and all the symptoms that come along with it. Lately, I've been thinking more about actually having a newborn at home, and seeing Sal as a father (to a baby). Honestly, I can't wait to get started.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Here I am at 16 weeks (and 4 days, to be exact).

My belly is 40.5 inches around. Unfortunately, I didn't measure myself when I was pregnant with either of the girls to compare, but I do know I'm a lot bigger a lot earlier this time.

As a result some tasks are becoming more difficult to accomplish, like getting off the couch. I'm a fat girl in a bean bag chair. (That's a Friends reference.)

Overall though, I am feeling well and finally just enjoying this.

While I'm experiencing fewer symptoms related to the hematoma and placenta's location, we won't really know the status of either "condition" until my 20 week ultrasound in October.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


The girls took swim lessons a few years ago, but when I divorced their dad that was one thing that ended up being dropped. He enrolled them in soccer this past Spring and for several reasons I decided that I didn't want to sign them up again.

I saw and ad for swim classes posted outside the intermediate school, and it was in the back of my mind that maybe it was something the girls would like to try again. I debated saying anything to their dad, but he actually approached me about it. I took it as a sign and said it would be fine.

Sarah went to a play camp over the summer and had pool time every day. I was so impressed to see how well she does. She also loves it. She was very enthusiastic when I asked her if she wanted to take lessons again. I was quite surprised to see her swim to the middle of the pool on her own. While her motions weren't necessarily fluidic or coordinated, she certainly had all the motions down, arms scooping, feet kicking, and head alternating sides as she came up for air.

Emmy was a little more hesitant about the proposition. She said she would do it if she had to. Emmy has a hard time letting go and not being in control. She certainly gives it her best effort, but instead of relaxing to float, it looks like rigor mortise has set in. In time I think this will become easier for her in time, especially as she gets to know her instructors and learns to trust them. She doesn't mind having her face under water or jumping in though, which seems to be a hurdle for some kids. She did seem to enjoy the class; see her smile in the picture on the right below?

Sarah is in Level 3 and Emmy is in Level 2. Their classes are 50 minutes long and meet at the same time. I love the convenience.

Here's what I love about swim. The pool area is warm, it's indoors, they take classes at the same time, and swimming is a useful life skill.

Here are some pictures from their first session.

Sarah's classes are held on the far side of the pool, and parents don't have access so unfortunately the images aren't the best quality or very close.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Steelers vs Browns

Today was the home opener for the Pittsburgh Steelers. To make it even more exciting, they were playing Sal's team, the Cleveland Browns.

I found a Steelers maternity shirt on clearance and so we decided to wear our colors to church. So many people stopped us after Mass to comment on Sal's jersey, including the priest and deacon. I'm sure they were all thinking of him as the Steelers took a large early lead only to nearly lose the game in the second half.

It was all luck that got the Steelers a win, or maybe it was the 100lbs of Hershey kisses I ate. I had a few during the first half and then at halftime I fell asleep. (I told you I sleep a lot) I woke up just as the fourth quarter was beginning and it appeared to me as though the two teams had switched uniforms in the locker room. I started pounding the kisses and the Steelers started shaping up. They won by a field goal with about 10 seconds left on the clock. I guess it's going to be that kind of season again.