Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So, the plan was to sand the top of the shelf and either re-stain or paint it.

I went to Lowe's and bought a new toy. Took it home and realized that the top of the shelf was just a veneer overlay and not real wood. I decided to try to sand the red stain out anyway. What I succeeded doing instead was to cause the veneer to bubble. Then I had to pick at it with a screwdriver. Once I took it to the point of no return, I told Sal the entire shelf had to come out.

I waited to gauge his reaction, because it's not me who had to replace the shelf. It's him. I destroy, he fixes.

All he said was, "okay." And, he didn't sound mad.


This little bedroom was supposed to be a paint the walls and rip out the carpet kind of project, and I've now put more effort into this room than any other in the house.

It's going to be so worth it though.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Yesterday I buried myself in the spare room to stripe and paint the walls. I made progress, but I'm not finished yet. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I am quite happy with the results, but the skinny, top stripe had to be brushed and, though you can't tell in Picture 4, there was quite a bit of seepage where the paint ran underneath the tape line. It's nothing that can't be fixed with a steady hand and a tiny brush, of which I have both, but it did create extra work.

I'm not sure if I love the top line anyway, so I may paint over it and just have two lines on the wall. I'm going to talk to a graphic designer at work and get her expert opinion.

Update: The line stays, at this point.


This was such a busy weekend that I had to split my posts up so I could get organized.

Let's rewind to Saturday afternoon.

I started off the day with a quick trip to Kohls to make a couple returns. Since I'd still looking for a wall clock for the kitchen and a couple pieces to hang in the living room, I decided to hit the home section and ended up finding this on clearance, Photo 1.

As far as size and sentiment go, it was exactly what I've been looking for to hang over the dining room doorway. Everything has either been too small or over-priced.

The design didn't thrill me and I didn't think the yellow would really work with the (Sherwin Williams) Oyster Bay green that I painted the dining room, but I couldn't pass it up. I took it home and decided to see if I could improve it.

To start, I sanded off most of the "Family" paint, Photo 2. It was looking better already.

Then I painted each of the letters with the Oyster Bay paint I had leftover, Photo 3. It looked like a total DIY, and I wasn't thrilled.

I hit Ace Hardware for black spray paint. Oh, the options. . .I made my choice and headed home.

I popped out the crystals with a small, flat edge screwdriver and spray painted the piece. After letting it dry in the sun on this beautiful 75 degree day, I used super glue to re-insert the crystals.

Here is the finished result, in Photo 4.

I love it, but I asked Sal to hold off hanging it for me. I decided it might look better over the doorway from the living into the dining room, and the living room hasn't been painted yet.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sweet Sarah

A few months ago, Sarah mentioned that she wanted to join the children's choir at school. She loves to sing, and since she mentioned joining on her own, her dad and I agreed to let her try it out. The kids practice for an hour once a week, and I know she's been working hard. She also loves it.

This Saturday the children sang at the Saturday evening Palm Sunday mass, and Sarah wanted me to be there for it. Of course I was happy to comply.

When I arrived Sarah was already with the other children, and Emily and her dad was sitting toward the back of the church so I slid in to the pew next to Emmy. I would have preferred sitting closer to the front, but I couldn't make Emmy choice between him or I so I fulfilled my Lenten obligation.

The most memorable moment happened as Emmy and I went up to communion. Just as I started up the aisle from our pew, I heard a shouted whisper, "Mommy!" Every mom in the attendance looked over her shoulder, gazing heavenward. There was my firstborn hanging over the railing, waving furiously.

Friday, April 11, 2014


The Christian school in Steubenville is performing Annie this Thursday through Saturday. After some confusion, Sal was able to score me a ticket for Friday night. He, of course, is playing percussion in the orchestra.

Because he has a solo and ensemble competition this Saturday, we decided to stay in Steubenville after the show for a romantic getaway. I say that half jokingly; have you been to Steubenville? Anyway, he has to be at the school by 5:30am and it didn't make sense for him to come home to Pittsburgh, late after the show, only to return a few hours later. 

Anyway, Annie is the first musical I remember seeing as a kid. I believe my girl scout troop saw it together so I must have been 8 or 9. I remember Al Shilling played Daddy Warbucks and he was very convincing. I also remember that I loved it. Little did I know h
ow much I would love to come musicals over the years.

I always send Sal a candy gram or a carnation when I attend shows, and the Christian school had smiley balloons for sale. The only thing better than one smiley balloon is six, so I sent every member of the orchestra a balloon.

See, it's not all work and no play around here.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fun, New Product

I've been wanting to paint stripes on a wall, any wall, for a good while now. However, we have textured walls so I wasn't sure how well that would work since tape doesn't seal flat against the bumps and ridges.

In my search for the perfect stripes, I found this product. After further googling, I found a tutorial on how to use it. I'm intrigued, and I think it's worth a short. At $14, I know it's expensive tape, but I really want the challenge of painting stripes.

And just to note, I painted the second coat of gray last night and it looks fabulous, although I haven't seen it in natural sunlight yet. I also received notification that the curtains shipped. It's actually coming together.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Pinterest has served as my inspiration for the spare room since I saw a yellow and gray bedroom in its database of images. Since deciding on the color scheme, I have been scouring the internet for the perfect curtains.

I think I found them last night on urbanoutfitters.com.

I love love love the ruffles, ie waterfall, but I'm not sure of the color. I went ahead and bought them because 1) they were on sale, 15% off the pair, and 2) the company offers free refunds so I figure it's a win-win situation. They also bring a little femininity to an otherwise masculine or neutral scheme.

Initially, I wanted them in yellow, but then I got to thinking if I do a yellow stripe
around the room, which is the current plan, then it might just be too much. The curtains would break up the lines and I'm not sure I want that. Plus, the texture of these curtains add interest without taking away from the details I'd like to incorporate in the rug, which I have not found yet, and the architectural niche for which I am trying to formulate a design plan.

Ewww, that sounds exciting, doesn't it?

These will ship in 5-7 days so I need to finish getting the room painted so I don't have to wait a second longer once they arrive.