Thursday, October 30, 2014


Emmy had a her six year well visit this evening, and what an adventure that was.

Her appointment was at 6:15, and we made it to the office with 20 minutes to spare. The girls did a great job entertaining themselves in the waiting room. When we got back to the exam room about 45 minutes later, Sarah went a little stir crazy. Emmy tried to meditate everything away.

Emmy passed her hearing test with flying colors, much to my surprise, I have to admit.

She weighs 63lbs., and is 50.5" tall. Translation: she is also off the chart for her age in height, and in the 95th percentile on weight. She's a bonafide bean pole, and she always has been. There is some serious height on both of sides of our families, so no one is surprised.

The girls seemed significantly better as far as their colds go, so the doctor said it would be fine to go ahead and give them the flu shot. Because they're going to be around babies this winter, and because I like to keep them as healthy as possible anyway, we went for it.

Emmy cried, but perked up quickly. You would have thought Sarah was in a torture chamber. She psychs herself out because, I swear to you, the girls inflict more pain on another than any tiny needle ever could.

I have a script for Sarah in case her cold turns into a sinus infection, as is usually the case. Since she's had so many, the doctor said to fill it at our discretion. I'm going to see how she does over the weekend.

Tomorrow is Halloween, and this whole crazy month will be over. Finally. I miss our normal routine. Seeing Sal for about 15 minutes in the evening and maybe 10 in the morning is wearing on me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 23, and Varsity Show 2014

How cute is this little cartoon. Considering it's almost Halloween, we did meet on the web, and we have three littles, this is perfect.

Baby Update:
Your baby is a little more than one pound as the twenty-third week of pregnancy comes and goes, and has reached a length of about 11.4 inches. If you look at an ultrasound, you may think your little boy or girl resembles a little doll. Your baby is forming pigmentation at this stage, and as the fat develops, the skin remains loose, since skin is produced much more quickly than fat. You may also feel kicks and punches as your baby moves within the uterine walls. This can be a very exciting time.

My coworker wanted a measurement on my belly, 45.5 inches. I last measured myself on September 14, so that's just under growth of about one inch per week. Awesome. I probably have about 12 weeks to go, based on what I was told at my last appointment.

I've been feeling the baby move for quite some time now, but the kicks and punches are getting stronger. This is really happening. Gosh I love those moments when the reality smacks me upside the head.

We conquered last week's to-do list. Sal picked up the dresser, I made a couple minor repairs to it, and started adding some decor to the baby's room. So far so good, but we have quite a bit to do yet.

The living room is not painted yet though, unfortunately. 

All I hope to accomplish this week is getting new tires put on my car. I have an appointment for Saturday, after swim class. Anything else is just a bonus.

Steubenville High School band performs a "varsity show" every year in the school auditorium. It raises money for scholarships, and it highlights the Seniors giving them one last hurrah.

I took the girls tonight for the first time. Because they both have colds and school in the morning, we left at intermission, but they loved it and had tons of questions.

The middle school band performed right before intermission so we got to see Sal's kids in action, and of course I took a few pictures. They did really well.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Attack Mode

Emmy came home yesterday with the sniffles. I went into overdrive.

Saline Rinse
Vicks Vapor Rub (under her nose and on her chest)
Vicks Vaporizer plug in
Cool Mist Humidifier
Lots of Vitamin C (Flinestone's Chewables and Orange Juice)
Hot Shower

and last but not least,

a cut up onion in her room on the dresser. I recently heard this is supposed to remove toxins and impurities from the body.

When I opened the door to the girls' room this morning, I almost gagged. Instead I opened windows.

She didn't seem any worse today than yesterday, so something must have worked. I'll know more when I pick her up from school.

Speaking of school, Sarah had a class trip to Soergel's today. I hope to see pictures. The kids had perfect weather - sunny with a high in the high 70s. Gorgeous.

Monday, October 27, 2014

You Know You're Pregnant When

. . .you find a half dozen eggs in your freezer. That is NOT what they meant by "freezing your eggs."

. . .you have to use the opposite hand to lift your foot up to put on socks.

. . .you have to use the opposite hand to lift your leg up in order to cross one knee over the other.

. . .you have a container of Tums stashed at work, at home, and in your purse.

. . . it's a four-step process to roll over in bed.

. . . you eat two breakfasts, two lunches, and multiple dinners.

. . . it's 32 degrees outside and you open your bedroom window for sleeping.

. . .people ask how you feel and you can't stop yourself from telling them how you *really* feel.

. . .you're torn between wanting a new, cute top, and not wanting to spend the money on something you will only wear a few months.

. . .spend a lot of money on food at the grocery store, only to come home and realize that nothing you bought sounds good for dinner.

. . .you are in the middle of about 7 projects because you got too tired to finish one, and started       another when you woke up from your nap.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Weekend is Over

I slept okay, which is pretty much all I hope for these days, but I had to drag myself to get ready for church and Sal's concert with the community band immediately following.

Once I got moving, I did feel better today than yesterday. However, I get exhausted so quickly. That is frustrating.

Church was fine. The concert was nice; Sal did a great job (as usual), and then he took me to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We had grabbed a quick lunch at Wendy's earlier in the day and that heavy meal had stayed with me. I didn't have much appetite for the Roadhouse, sadly. We watched some of the Steelers game, finished our meals, and then drove home.

I was beat, of course, so I showered and then hit the couch for a fun night of the biggest train wreck on television, 90 Day Fiance. That show is so bad it's great. My weekend ended on the highest low note possible.

Oh, and the Steelers barely eeked out a 51-34 win over the Colts.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Wasted Day

I should probably get used to this. It's just hard because I'm a do-er, not a lounger.

The girls had swim class this morning so I met them for that while Sal met the people from who we bought the dresser. Floating seemed to click with Emmy, and Sal didn't have any issues getting the dresser into the house.

I felt kind of off during swim class, a little warmer than usual, but I made it home without incident and had a small lunch, if chips and sour cream count as lunch.

Sal had a band show in Columbus this evening so after he left I decided to run a few errands. I made it to Ace Hardware for wood glue, and decided I wasn't up to running over to McKnight Road. I headed home. Since I had to pass Shop N Save, and because there were a few groceries we needed, I pulled in (with the idea that I wouldn't have to run back out again today).

And that's when things went south.

I scurried through the store, and picked up the handful of items we needed. All the while I felt more and more hungry, but I planned on eating as soon as I got home.

I was standing in line behind a gentleman with three or four things, and just started not feeling fell, warm, a little light-headed, etc. The cashier finished him up, and then started scanning my items. She and the bagger were talking and I was willing her to speed up. She finished scanning, I swiped my card, and hit no cash back, and then I realized there was no chance of me making it out of the store.

this is NOT me
I told the bagger that I felt like I was going to pass out and needed a chair. I walked two feet to the customer service counter and held on for dear life. He pulled stool out of the office immediately, and I took a seat. Someone brought me an ice cold water. The manager came up and asked if there was anyone they could call.

I took a drink and immediately started feeling better, even though I was sweating profusely.

I sat for about five minutes, sipping the water, and then felt well enough to leave the store. The bagger walked me out to the car and loaded my groceries. As soon as we went outside I felt 100% better.

I texted Sal to tell him what had happened and he said since the buses hadn't left yet, he could come home if I needed him to. I told him I'd be fine. I know this can happen during a pregnancy, even though it had never happened to me before.

When I got home, I unloaded the few bags that I had, and then called my mom. Apparently this happened to her a lot when she was pregnant with me. My last pregnancy and wouldn't you know, this baby is going to make sure I experience it all.

I plan to carry bottled water and a snack with me in my purse. Because I hadn't enough or anything of substance, I think my blood sugar dropped. My low blood pressure (at last check it was 102/71) didn't help the situation.

I ate lunch and then, because I was feeling more and more tired, decided to lay down on the couch for a quick nap. Two and half hours later (2.5!) I woke up and still felt off. I hung out on the couch until dinner time. I ate a small pizza, and then got a short-lived burst of energy. I threw a load of laundry in, and then used to wood glue I bought at Ace earlier in the day to repair one of the dresser drawers. I also hung some tissue paper poms in one corner of the baby's room. I'm trying to blend antique/vintage furniture with modern elements. We'll see how it all comes together.

Finally I decided enough was enough and called it a day. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Nest, Not Rest

There was so much I wanted needed to accomplish last night, and you know what I did when I got home from work? Took a nap on the couch.

I understand that I'm growing a miracle and that it is exhausting, and that it's okay. BUT, there are things that need done.

I can't start nesting soon enough. I need those bursts of energy.