Thursday, April 28, 2016


Sarah and Emmy's school had an in-service today so I was home with all three kids. The weather was cold and rainy and we were cooped up all day inside. That allowed me to see just how attached Seth is to Emmy, and really, her to him as well.

Seth gets very upset when Emmy is out of sight. If she runs upstairs, he stands at the bottom and screams until she reappears. If Emmy sets him down he puts his arms up and whines until she picks him up. This went on

I kept waiting for her to get exasperated and run out of patience, which would have been totally understandable, but nope. She would just say, "oh Sethy, give me one second" and then she'd pick him back up or play with him. She mothers him and has copious amount of patience. If only she displayed half of that patience when it came to Sarah, but I digress.

Anyway, Emmy got in the shower last night and closed the bathroom door behind her. Seth stood on the other side banging on the door and yelling until she was finished. I took these cute pictures as proof.

I also hope that they remain this close and attached forever. It's really sweet to see, not to mention a huge help for the mama.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

ENT, again

This morning Seth had a follow-up visit with the ENT. While he seems to have developed a cold at the tail end of the last round of antibiotics, his ears are clear. We need to keep using ear drops until his tube replacement surgery on May 12, but other than that he's good to go.

I hope a new set of tubes helps because it's no fun making the decision to put your child under for surgery, no matter how minor.

My sweet baby.

Monday, April 25, 2016

For the Love of Reading

I've read quite a few good books lately, but my favorite has been Titans. It's written by Leila Meacham, the author of the most fabulous work of historical fiction ever written (Roses).

I have in-depth reviews of all the books I've read posted here on my book blog.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

William's First Communion

My nephew (and godson) celebrated his First Communion today. Sarah and Emmy were with their dad, but Sal, Seth, and I went to Washington to celebrate with my sister and her family.

I liked the way Immaculate Conception had the children walk in with two people of their choice. William opted for his mom and grandma. They came in with a good amount of space in between each family, and a professional photographer took their picture.

The ceremony itself was nice, but I will never understand why priests don't tailor their homilies to children when it is a celebration for children. It seems like a "miss" in my book.

We were too far back to see William actually make his First Communion, but the ceremony itself was nice. Seth was very well behaved too.

Afterwards we took some pictures outside, and then headed to Adam's Pine Creek Buffet in Washington for lunch. The food was surprisingly tasty, but I'm still partial to a sit-down restaurant. It's easier for me to control my eating when I am forced to choose from a menu, and I like being served.

I had the chicken parmesan, a salad, and some homemade bread. I also tried to the pork since that's what I had chosen for Seth. Like I said, the food had a lot of flavor and it was good. I missed what Sal had, but he didn't have any complaints about the food either. For dessert I tried a slice of blackberry pie, but it wasn't my grandfather's so I only picked at that. The peanut butter cheesecake was fabulous.

After lunch we went back to my sister's house to visit briefly, and then we headed home. It was a nice afternoon, but I'm exhausted.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Date Night

Sal came home from work sick around 1:30 today while Seth was napping. When he woke up at 4, he and I got the heck out of the house and went to Eat n Park for dinner, for what I hope was only the first of many Mommy / Seth dates. We had a wonderful time.

Seth drank out of a straw for the first time because I had left his sippy in the car. I don't think he understood at first that he needed to swallow and the milk ran out of his mouth. He figured it out quickly though. I ordered him mac and cheese and he ate about half, along with a piece of bread and some bits from my salad.

After dinner we got gas at Get Go and went to the grocery store. Then we went for a two mile walk when we got home. It was a fun evening. I just couldn't love this little boy more than I do.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Seth has been cruising for weeks, but over the weekend he gained enough confidence and he toddles all over the place now. Every day he's more in control and confident. Yesterday I saw him go from sitting to standing to walking while we were hanging out on the back patio. Here he is retrieving a piece of chalk from underneath the chair. He wouldn't put his legs down on the concrete to crawl under. Smart kid.

It's hard to believe my baby is walking. So much growth in what is really a short amount of time.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hideous Pine Trees

We had five pine trees in our yard when we bought our home. We had one in the backyard removed shortly after moving in since it was far too close to the house, and the largest of the five. The following spring my dad and I removed a small one that was by the driveway since it would brush against cars when you pulled in or out.

This past fall we had a large one removed on the other side of the driveway because it's location made it difficult to see backing out onto the street. Last Thursday, we had these two removed. Aside from looking horrible, they made it difficult for cars turning out onto our street from the side street. I'm sure many of the neighbors are singing our praises.

We had used Dave Miller Tree Removal in the past, but when I asked for a quote for these remaining two, it was hundreds of dollars more. I was bummed because we were really happy with Dave's work, but I contacted Hoffman Tree Service to see if they'd be any cheaper. He came in at $400 total. It was more than I originally wanted to pay, but still reasonable. Sal was okay with the price so we went ahead with it.

I wasn't happy to come home after picking the girls up after play practice to find the stumps still in our yard. The price had included stump removal. I contacted Hoffman to see what was going on, and he said his grinder was out of commission but that he would be back to finish. In the meantime he cashed the check. Sal was sure he'd come back, I was far more skeptical. I should have just chilled. Hoffman came back today and sent me a text this morning that they were gone.

Now it's time to beautify our lawn. We have a corner lot so the pressure is on.