Monday, April 24, 2017


Sarah was diagnosed with strep throat this evening. She was complaining of a sore throat, headache, and mild stomachache over the weekend and her dad chose not to take her to the doctor. Now she's out of school tomorrow.

I am so over this month.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Random Picture

My mom sent me this random picture she took from in our Bluegreen Hotel room in Hershey. I think it's hilarious.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sal's Sick

What is going on this month?!?

Sal called me about 5:15 yesterday and told me that he was on his way to the hospital. Since he never goes to to the doctor, let alone the hospital, without a lot of prompting from me, this announcement was more than a little concerning. He wasn't sure what was wrong, he just knew it was his kidneys.

Sal has PKD, poly-cystic kidney disease. You can find information online about it, but it's serious and there is currently no cure.

As it turns out he has a kidney stone. He spent a few hours in the ER and then I booked him a room at the Best Western in Steubenville because neither one of us thought it was a good idea for him to try to drive the hour home.

He wasn't happy when I woke him up at 9:51am since he had his alarm set for 10 and I robbed him of nine minutes of sleep. However, he did make an appointment with his PCP, and was going to get prescriptions filled at Walgreens in Steubenville. I encouraged him to drink lots of water to pass the stone, but I don't know if he'll be able to keep water down.

It's 2:04 now so I guess I'll know more after he sees his doctor. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday

Everyone had a good night last night. I felt so much better, well-rested and refreshed.

This year the girls are spending Easter with their dad and he showed up promptly at 9am to take them for the day. Seth was beside himself when they left, but he recovered quickly.

Given Seth's issues over the last couple of days, I didn't want to take him around my sister's kids and possibly infect them with something so we changed plans and stayed home. Sal's uncle came over and Seth slept the day away, probably recovering from vacation and the virus.

The weather was gorgeous so I took Seth on a long walk later in the day to burn off some energy. He loves this lawnmower he got from the Easter Bunny.

Finally, 7:30 rolled around and I needed to leave to get the girls. Seth wanted to come with me so I loaded him into the car, backed out of the driveway, and right into the side of Uncle Ernie's car. Happy Easter.

Neither Sal's uncle nor I needed to deal with this right now, and I am so upset about it.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Break, Day 5

I don't think I've ever been so glad to be going home after vacation.

I'm exhausted after having slept about 6 hours total in the past two days. Seth still isn't 100%, of course, although he slept well overnight.

We stopped at CVS, a pharmacy we don't usually use, and there was an issue with our prescription card. We needed to pick up some Zofran and Augmentine. That got sorted out, but it took some time.

I promised the girls on Tuesday that we'd return to Chocolate World for souvenirs on Friday, and I didn't feel I could back out of that commitment. Sal took them on the ride through the factory again while Seth and I hung out in the gift shop. I had been hoping we could get in and out in 30 minutes, but it was jam packed and took an hour to ride the ride and pick out souvenirs, even though everyone knew ahead of time what they wanted.

Finally we were on the road. By the time we stopped for lunch on the turnpike, I could tell Seth was ready for another Zofran. By the time we got home, he was his old self and I didn't give him another dose.

It feels awesome to be at home. Let me just say that again, it's so awesome to be home.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Break, Day 4

We took it easy this morning and got moving slowly. The only thing we had planned for today was seeing Jonah at the Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster.

I've been wanting to see a show at this theater for awhile because I've heard they're massive, detailed productions. That is true. Jonah was an amazing show, and I highly recommend it. However, I think any show would be good there.

We had a couple of experiences though that I could have done without. 

Toward the end of the Act One, Sarah nudged me and showed me that her tooth had fallen out. Furthermore, it didn't just fall out, there was blood gushing from her mouth. Since we had left Seth back at the hotel with my dad, I didn't have a diaper bag and therefore, no tissues, on me. My mom didn't either. That's just unheard of, but people around us figured out we needed some and I ended up with a pocket size package of tissues and some wipes. That did the trick and we were able to get her cleaned up in the restroom at intermission.

Toward the end of Act Two, I heard moaning from somewhere behind me. Initially I thought someone was super into the spiritual experience and message of Jonah. As we quickly realized, the woman behind me was having a medical event, a seizure perhaps. At any rate, her family was able to get her to the end of the row and ushers helped them out of the theater.

When we arrived back at the hotel, Seth seemed off to me. I knew he had slept four hours that afternoon based on texts back and forth with my dad. I expected to find energetic, and oh-so-happy to see us when we arrived and he was anything but. In addition to not acting like his usual self, he felt warm to me when I kissed his temple.

I told my mom that he needed to be seen because maybe his ear infection wasn't clearing, Sal picked him up and Seth immediately vomited all over him. I immediately decided we were going to the hospital. I put Seth in clean clothes and Sal changed too and then we ran out to the car. We were close to Hershey Medical Center, but the drive seemed to take forever. I ran him into the ER while Sal parked the car. I explained that we were visiting from out-of-town and didn't know where else to take him. I also gave them his history of ear infections and that I didn't think the Cefdinir was helping him this time. 

The doctor seemed to think he had a virus, but switched him to Augmentine. They also gave him a dose of Zofran to stop the vomiting and motrin for any pain he might be having, ear or otherwise. By the time they discharged us a little under two hours later, Seth was very much acting like himself again.

We got back to the hotel after everyone was in bed, and Sal and I tried to eat a dinner of leftover pizza and cheese sticks from Papa Johns. It wasn't sitting well on my stomach so I gave up and tried to sleep. After all that excitement and my continued concern for Seth, that wasn't happening either.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Break, Day 3

We decided to try out the Turkey Hill Experience this morning. It was expensive, although my dad paid so that was a nice surprise, and I just didn't feel it was worth it. We did enjoy the free samples of ice cream and tea though, of course.

Someone commented that it was more crowded than usual so maybe that contributed to our overall experience. 

Seth enjoyed playing on the old-fashioned milk delivery truck. The girls did try out some of the exhibits, and I mostly just tried to keep an eye on everyone. We spent a couple hours, but nobody was sad to leave.

From there we headed to Lititz, Pennsylvania to tour the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery. This was something my dad had wanted to do, and it ended up being a worthwhile experience. 

The girls learned how to shape pretzel dough into pretzels, saw the ovens where the pretzels were baked, and received samples of the finished product. We also bought soft pretzels to try. The pretzels were somehow lighter or airier than pretzel brands we have here in Pittsburgh. It's hard to describe, but they were very good.

We had a chance to walk around Lititz prior to our tour, and I decided it rivals Jim Thorpe for being the cutest town in this state.

I loved all the old buildings. So much stone and rough wood. I found Lititz's wiki page and if you scroll there's an image of two buildings side-by-side that highlight what I loved about this town. 

The bakery building itself was built in 1784. The oldest all-girls boarding school in the US, Linden Hall, is also located in Lititz. I just love that kind of history. It would be the perfect weekend getaway destination, and I'm sure there are several bed and breakfast inn's that would be wonderful to try.

Right next to our hotel in Hershey is a brewery which offers a self-guided tour. The girls thought it smelled disgusting, but it took all of 5 minutes to see everything. They begged to have dinner at Red Robin rather than at the brewery so we agreed.

We made today an earlier evening so that we would have time for swimming, which is the highlight of any kid's vacation.