Thursday, October 23, 2014

Round and Round

Poor Sarah has had sinus issues since she was a baby. I think maybe she was about 6 months when we first realized there might be a problem. She was on and off antibiotics for the next year until she finally had an adenoidectomy. In the months immediately following she seemed greatly improved. Then, within the last couple of years we've noticed her congestion increasing.

Last year, she saw both an ENT and an allergist. The ENT said as far as he could tell she looked okay structurally. He sent us to the allergist. We had that awful test performed on her and the only conclusive trigger was dogs. She did show sensitivity to a lot of other things. He suggested we keep her away from dogs and have her take allergy medicine as needed.

She seemed to do okay through the winter last year, but since Spring we noticed an increase in her symptoms. A few times she even vomited from the mucus that had drained into her tummy overnight. Her pediatrician recommended Claritin and Flonase.

It's been a couple months and we haven't seen any improvement. I know when I take Flonase for my allergies I feel significantly better after only a couple doses. With Sarah though, nothing seemed to be making a difference.

We decided to follow-up with the allergist. Interestingly enough, the allergist isn't convinced it's allergies. Between the Claritin and Flonase we should have seen an improvement, and because we haven't that leads her to believe it's structural, or at least not allergies.

Sarah will see Dr. Mehta, the ENT who performed her adenoidectomy on November 4. I feel like we keep going round and round, and I do not want her to be a little science experiment. I'm not sure how we'll proceed if the ENT tells us she's fine. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

At least Sarah doesn't seem bothered by her inability to breathe, and in some cases, smell. She's not in pain and since it's all she's ever known, she just deals.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 22

Grow, Baby, Grow!
I woke up nauseated with a headache this morning. It seems no matter how many fluids I drink lately, it's not enough. I suspect these symptoms were a result of being semi-dehydrated. The last thing I need to do is go into premature labor.

I'm pretty sure I was able to feel the baby kick from the outside today. It's a little hard to tell when you're feeling it on the inside as well. Regardless, it was a swift kick and very exciting.

I straightened out insurance questions/issues last week, and also confirmed that my breast pump will be covered by the Affordable Care Act. I believe that's the only positive line item in that bill.

With Sal's insurance I'll have 96 hours to recover in the hospital following the c-section. That's not too shabby. I plan to live upstairs for a couple days immediately following my return home, but then I will have to get back into my normal routine.

Sal and I did buy the dresser I found at the Frugal Cottage a couple weeks ago. We hit a weekend sale and a 20% discount we paid just over $100 for it. At some point I may decide to have it restored, but it only shows a little wear and tear, which I think gives it character. Sal has to make arrangements with the sellers to pick it up and set it in the room. That will need to be done this coming weekend.

Also this weekend, I must finish painting the living room. It will probably take me 20 minutes, but I've been so tired lately that it just seems like such a chore. I just need to do it.

I think I'm going to order our super cute Christmas cards soon as well. I helped my mom design a card and place her order. She's never ahead of me when it comes to these things. I'm in love with this card. I'll post pictures after I mail them to our nearest and dearest on December 2. (With Sal's birthday being December 1, I hold off on Christmas until the 2nd).

As per last week's to-do, I did create a list of items we'll need to have upon the baby's arrival home. I haven't purchased anything off the list, but I have added to it. I'll start slowly buying the things we need over the coming weeks and months. We still have time, but I always feel better with a list.

I contacted a photographer from my hometown about maternity pictures. I'd like to surprise Sal with a couple for Christmas. I'm hoping for some falling snow pictures and plan to schedule in very early December. I think I'll make a day of it. Meet the photographer in the morning, my mom for lunch, and then be at school right when the girls' day ends.
According to pregnancy corner, here's what's going on this week.
At 11 inches long and weighing just under a pound, your baby is the size of a spaghetti squash during this twenty-second week. He or she is still very thin due to the lack of fatty tissues, but this will soon change. The skin is still wrinkly and covered with lanugo, but the internal organs are growing fast and the eyelids and eyebrows are becoming distinguishable. Even the eyes have formed fully, but the irises (the colored part of your eye) still lack pigment.
The baby’s liver has started to produce the various enzymes that are required for breaking down bilirubin, a byproduct of the breaking down of red blood cells. The fetal red blood cells have a shorter lifespan, so there is more production of bilirubin in a fetus. The bilirubin from fetal blood goes into the placenta and then passes into the mother’s blood. The mother’s liver gets rid of the fetal bilirubin.
The sensory system is also developing. Your baby learns his or her sense of touch and begins rubbing his or her face, neck, torso, and legs. If you are having a girl, the uterus, ovaries, and egg cells are fully formed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Silly Sisters

I'm not even sure what was going on here, but can we say, "oh, the joys of childhood." So giggly and silly.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch; today we carved.

Given the pumpkins sizes, I was afraid they would be full of seeds and goo, but it really wasn't that bad. I had the girls change into tank tops so they could get in there and get messy. They were able to get most of the guts out with their hands, and I showed them how to scrape the sides with a spoon.

Both of them wanted scary faces, and I gave them several options for the different features by drawing each out on paper first. They picked eyes, they picked their noses (this phrase resulted in tons of giggles), and of course they chose a mouth. Traditional features is as creative as this mommy gets.

Last year I bought a knife especially for carving pumpkins and it works like a dream. I think it set me back a whole $2. Definitely worth it.

I carved, the girls scooped, and Sal was on clean-up duty.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

For the third year in a row we went to Shenot Farm for a hayride and pumpkin picking. It's far less crowded and chaotic than nearby Soergels, and more enjoyable in general.

The weather wasn't promising, but it was the better day as far as schedules go.

After swim class, we decided to wait out a rain shower by having lunch at Eat N Park, and then we were on our way. We arrived at the farm and were the only family on the hayride. It was like we paid for a private trip to the pumpkin patch.

The girls started to browse the pumpkins and then it started to drizzle. The pumpkins seemed larger than usual this year, with really thick stems. I tried to get the girls to choose pumpkins of a reasonable size because I know from personal experience scooping goo out of a pumpkin loses its appeal pretty quickly. We found two and got back in line for the hayride back to the farm store.

There were a handful of others on the wagon this time.

We bought some apple cider, which was not as good as my hometown Barber's Orchard, but then nobody's ever is. It is tasty though.

Hard to believe this time next year we'll have a 10 month old to share the tradition.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Football Friday

It's football season so naturally Sal had a game this evening, but this was different. His 7th and 8th graders joined the high school on the field and in the stands.

While the kids were lining up for the halftime show, I heard so many of them saying they were nervous. They did great.

They're disciplined and they sound good. Impressive.

Here are a couple snapshots from the game.

I had the girls with me so I spent a lot of time being mommy, and less time
being director's wife and band fan.

However, that does remind me. . .the girls love watching the kids tune prior to the game. Each section comes into Sal's band room and one-by-one the kids stand in front of the tuner and play the scale. This week Mr. Hicks was tuning the kids since Sal was coordinating his middle school kids. Here they are in rapt attention.