Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Picture Day, Emmy

Emmy wanted curls for school picture day. Already by the time we got to daycare to drop Seth off, and for her to get the bus, the curls were falling out. Grrrr. But, isn't she adorable!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I spent the weekend at my parents, and came home Sunday to soupy ice cream and a puddles where there once had been ice cubes. I'd been cursing our refrigerator and praying for it to die, but perhaps I should have asked for it to happen at a more convenient time LOL

At any rate, I went out Monday morning and did some shopping. I knew I wanted a top freezer model, and with the space we have designated in our kitchen for the refrigerator this was really our only option. Refrigerators keep getting bigger, and our kitchen isn't brand new.

I was so happy to see the side-by-side leave our house, that I hugged its replacement. Really.

We would like to redesign our kitchen in a few years and the plan is to put this refrigerator in the garage or laundry room at that time.

Monday, September 19, 2016


I have been the sorriest blogger since about the time school started. We've just been so busy with the day-to-day stuff and nothing anybody really wants to read about it.

The girls have adjusted quite well to Shaler, and I don't hate it. There's actually a lot to like about it. They've also started CCD (Sunday School) since they're no longer in Catholic school, and apparently the program has come quite a long way since I had to attend. At the risk of sounding like Bible Beaters, their dad's girlfriend's term, they admitted liking it.

Seth turned 18 months, and then 19. He's such a little boy now. His vocabulary increases every day as well as his pronunciation of words he's been saying forever; sock, for example. Recently he's been attaching the "k" on the end of it. His favorite word is probably "book," and he loves Mo Willems.

As much as I dislike Fall, I do get excited about all the upcoming holidays and decorating there is to do. I don't love cold, or even cool weather, but I like the coziness of this time of year. 

Our fireplace really needs a facelift, but it's not in the budget any time soon. I like the leafy garland I found at Michael's this year though, and the little scarecrows.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

1000 Books Before Kindergarten (updated)

1. All Day Long with Jesus, by Matt Anderson
2. On the Night You Were Born, by Nancy Tillman
3. A Big Guy Took My Ball, by Mo Willems
4. Me and My Mom, by Alison Ritchie
5. Spot Goes to the Beach, by Eric Hill
6. One More Swim, by Caroline Pitcher and Jenny Jones
7. How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends, by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague
8. Oh, the Places You'll Go, by Dr. Seuss
9. Hic-Hic-Hiccup, by Warner Brothers Looney Tunes
10. Sid the Squid, Underwater Adventures, by N/A
11. Elmo Loves You, by Sarah Albee
12. Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods that Make My Day, by Jamie Lee Curtis
13. Baby Animals, Gyo Fujikawa
14. Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown
15. George and Martha Best of Friends, by James Marshall
16. George and Martha, by James Marshall
17. Peter's Chair, by Ezra Jack Keats
18. Tell Me Again about the Night I was Born, by Jamie Lee Curtis
19. Once Upon an Alphabet, by Oliver Jeffers
20. Five Silly Turkeys, by Salina Yoon
21. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle
22. The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats
23. Happy Pig Day, by Mo Willems
24. Waiting is not Easy, by Mo Willems
25. Elephants Cannot Dance, by Mo Willems
26. The Grouchy Ladybug, by Eric Carle
27. Seven Hungry Babies, by Candace Fleming
28. And Then Comes Halloween, by Tom Brenner
29. Careful, Santa, by Julie Sykes
30. Pumpkin Jack, by Will Hubbell
31. Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me, by Eric Carle
32. Splat the Cat and the Hotshot, by Rob Scotton
33. Hi, Cat!, by Ezra Jack Keats
34. Black and Bittern was the Night, by Robert Heidbreder
35. The Birthday Cat, by Lesley Anne Ivory
36. A Woggle of Witches, by Adrienne Adams
37. Halloween Is. . ., by Gail Gibbons
38. Moby-Dick, by Jennifer Adams (Baby Lit series)
39. Sheep in a Jeep, by Nancy Shaw
40. But Not the Hippopotamus, by Sandra Boynton
41. Good Night Mr Darcy, by Kate Coombs
42. Ten Tiny Toes, by Caroline Jayne Church
43. Where is Baby's Belly Button, by Karen Katz
44. Bear Snores On, by Karma Wilson
45. I Love You Through and Through, by Bernadette Rosetti Shustak
46. Harold and the Purple Crayon, by Crockett Johnson
47. A Christmas Carol, by Jennifer Adams (Baby Lit series)
48. My Little Miracle, by J. Beck and J. Croydon
49. Pumpkin Light, by David Ray
50. I Am Going, by Mo Willems
51. Quack, Daisy, Quack, by Jane Simmons
52. Where's Spot, by Eric Hill
53. Glasses for D.W., by Marc Brown
54. Miss Nelson is Missing, by Harry Allard
55. I Will Surprise My Friend, by Mo Willems
56. Bunny Fairy Tales (Ruby and Max)
57. Twas the Night Before Christmas (Clement C. Moore)
58. Christmas Angels (Claire Freedman)
59. Llama Llama Holiday Drama (Anna Dewdney)
60. Baby's First Christmas (Tomie dePaola)
61. Llama Llama Jingle Bells (Anna Dewdney)
62. Llama Llama Mad at Mama (Anna Dewdney)
63. Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Steven Kellogg
64. The Story of the Easter Bunny (Katherine Tegen)
65. How Spider Saved Easter (Robert Kraus)
66. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, by Mo Willems
67. Flight School, by Lita Judge
68. Jack and the Toddler, by Sindy McKay
69. The Leprechaun's Gold, by Pamela Duncan Edwards
70. Easter Engines (Thomas the Tank Engine)
71. Little Bea, Daniel Roode
72. Where's Spot, Eric Hill
73. The Difference Between Babies and Cookies, Mary Elizabeth Hanson
74. Giraffes Can't Dance
75. Little Miss Birthday
76. Clifford and the Big Parade, Norman Bridwell
77. There's a Fly Guy in my Soup, Tedd Arnold
78. The Best Mouse Cookie, Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond
79. The Night Before Mother's Day, Natasha Wing
80. Panda Big and Panda Small, Jane Cabrera
81. Olivia in Venice, by Ian Falconer
82. The Bible for Little Ones, by the Magnificat
83. The School House (Lost Puppies Series), Sesame Street
84. Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, by Al Perkins
85. Estelle Takes a Bath, by Jill Esbaum
86. Benny Goodman & Teddy Wilson, by Lesa Cline-Ransome
87. When Stravinsky Met Nijinsky, by Lauren Stringer
88. Polar the Titanic Bear, by Daisy Corning Stone Seddens
89. The Thank You Book, Mo Willems
90. Good-bye Diaper, by Patricia Geis
91. Blankie, by Leslie Patricelli
92. Watch Me Throw the Ball, by Mo Williams
93. Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night, by Anne F Rockwell
94. Splish, Splash Baby, by Karen Katz
95. Curious George Goes to the Costume Party
96. Christmas in the Chicken Coop, by Felicia Bond
97. Moonlight: the Halloween Cat, by Cynthia Rylant
98. Max's Bedtime, by Rosemary Wells
99. My New Friend is so Fun, by Mo Willems
100. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Joffe Numeroff
101. Trick Arrr Treat, by Leslie Kimmelman
102. We're Off to Find the Witch's House, by Mr. Krieb
103. The Pumpkin Fair, by Eve Bunting
104. And Then Comes Halloween, by Tom Brenner
105. We are in a Book, by Mo Willems
106. Today I Will Fly, by Mo Willems 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hi Tops

Look at Sethy's new (size 6) hi tops. I had my eye on them for a little while at Gymboree, and then they finally went on sale.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Birthday Date Night

As Sal says, we have to celebrate the first time I turn 39. He planned an amazing evening for us. 

Miss Shana, one of Seth's daycare teachers, was able to babysit for us, and arrived around 4:00. Seth seemed a little confused as to why she was at our house, but he didn't cry when we left. She took him upstairs for a diaper, and we headed out. 

Our first stop was dinner at Altius on Mount Washington. The restaurant itself is amazing, as they all are on Mount Washington. The views of the city are spectacular, and the food doesn't disappoint.

We started with complimentary Parmesan garlic popcorn, and then ordered drinks. I had a bourbon sour, and Sal had something citrus-y. We were offered bread, rosemary, sourdough, and bacon cheddar. I think the rosemary was my favorite. Over the course of the evening, I tried all three, naturally. They also brought a peach shooter, and I didn't know if it was supposed to be a drink or a soup, but it was delicious.

We started with a zucchini salad appetizer. 

Local Zucchini | grilled halloumi, lemon herb vinaigrette, Roma tomato confit, pine nuts, truffle honey

The grilled halloumi is a cheese made from goat and sheep milk, and has a high melting point so it's easily grilled. The texture was interesting and it tasted sweet. It was amazing with the zucchini.

For dinner I ordered the,
Duroc Pork Chop, Compart Family Farms | bacon Bourbon glaze, French green beans, purple potato purée, candied pistachios

It was fantastic.

Sal ordered the,
Pennsylvania Amish Chicken Breast|sweet corn hash, chimichurri aioli, bacon lardons, tempura zucchini blossoms 

I came close to ordering it myself, but when I tasted his, I was glad I didn't. The sweet corn hash had a strong green or red pepper flavor which I don't care for. One bite was okay. more than that would have been too much.

Our server brought me a special birthday dessert that was almost too pretty to eat. I couldn't bring myself to scrape the happy birthday up with a fork so I left it. Sal also ordered a chocolate ball which I didn't take a picture of, but it was a hollow ball of white chocolate with a chocolate mousse brownie tucked inside. It was so delicious.

I had known we'd be doing some kind of activity after dinner, and that we had to be there by 7. We didn't leave Altius until about 6:45 so that left us only 15 minutes to get from Mount Washington to downtown with the Liberty Bridge being closed inbound.

We arrived at the City Courthouse about 10 minutes late, but we made it for the Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tour. Our guide took us to, or pointed out, various buildings downtown and told the ghost stories that are associated with them. We went through Market Square as well, and apparently that's the place to be on a Saturday night. Who knew.

The tour lasted from 7 to 9:15, and it was a fun way to see the city.

We arrived home around 9:30, and found out that Seth and Shana had a fun evening too. She made him dinner, took him for a walk, played, and then got him in bed around 8:30. He called for us a couple times when he heard us talking downstairs so I went up to see him. He was so happy we were home. His smile and wiggles were priceless. I covered him with kisses, gave him big hugs, and tucked him in for the night.